GMS Featured in Fixed Ops Magazine

In the ever-evolving world of automotive aftermarket services, staying at the forefront of innovation and profitability is critical for dealerships. One individual who has significantly contributed to furthering fixed ops revenue is Mark Haeck, Vice President of Business Development at GMS. His insights and expertise are currently featured in Volume 20 of Fixed Ops Magazine, sharing knowledge of profit potential for dealerships to manage their own windshield replacement.

Here are some key takeaways from his contribution:

  1. Value-added Service: Haeck emphasizes that offering windshield replacement services can be a valuable addition to the services offered by automotive dealerships and service centers. This not only increases customer loyalty but also provides an additional revenue stream.
  2. Insurance Partnerships: Haeck discusses the importance of forming partnerships with insurance companies to streamline the claims process for windshield replacement. Such partnerships can reduce the financial burden on customers and increase the volume of replacement jobs.
  3. Quality Matters: Haeck underscores the importance of providing high-quality windshield replacement services. Ensuring that the replacements are carried out by certified technicians using industry-standard materials is essential for customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  4. Technology Integration: Mark Haeck touches on the role of technology in windshield replacement services. Dealerships can utilize point of sale systems such as GMS (Glass Management Software powered by Mainstreet™) for customer scheduling, tracking, and invoicing- which can significantly enhance operational efficiency and customer experience.

GMS, powered by Mainstreet, offers a full suite of solutions for car dealership service centers. From ordering glass to managing inventory, billing, and processing insurance. We are your one stop shop for new revenue. Find our partners Pilkington, PGW, Mygrant Glass, and more right in the GMS software. To book a demo:

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