Elevate Your Dealership's Collision Center Revenue with GMS

The Point-of-Sale Solution for Auto Glass Replacement and Insurance Billing for Dealerships

Say hello to our state-of-the-art POS system that gives you all the tools necessary for easy quotes, inventory control, scheduling, and billing. With GMS you can easily manage every aspect of doing glass replacements right at your dealership. We’ll show you how easy it is to rev up the profits!

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Laptop using GMS glass software for insurance billing

Tap into the potential of billing insurance

Our advanced cloud platform and secure EDI billing system simplifies claims management while ensuring maximum security. Let us exceed your expectations and provide an exceptional claims experience for you and your customers!

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Streamline Dealership Glass Operations with GMS

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create additional revenue streams while improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Join the forward-thinking dealerships already leveraging our auto glass software to gain a competitive edge in the market. Let our team introduce you to the possibilities.

Dealership body shop tech installing a new car windshield

Increase Customer Loyalty and retention with glass replacement

Offer convenient options for customers that need auto glass replacement services. Our software enables total glass management so vehicles can be serviced right at your dealership. Watch your service center CSI Score soar by reducing inconvenience and improving satisfaction,

Why GMS?


Real-time access to the Mitchell NAGS database including catalogs, calculators, and windshield hardware guides. Quickly access OEM and aftermarket parts.

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Order glass directly from industry leading suppliers directly from the software. GMS creates the purchase order, saving you time and resources.


Experience the security, speed, and efficiency of GMS’ EDI Billing: Send digital invoices to all major insurance networks when the job is complete.

Elevate Dealership Service Centers with Specialized, Auto Glass Installation Services

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